Gratitude Plus helps you live happier by building a habit of gratitude.

Gratitude Circles

Gratitude Circles are groups where you can share and explore gratitudes with people and groups you know and trust.

To join a Circle:

1. Download Gratitude Plus and tap the profile icon.

2. Tap Manage Circles > Join Circle.

3. Type in the Circle Code you were sent and tap Join. You're all set!

To create a Circle:

Visit your Profile > Manage Circles > and tap the Create Circle button.

Invite others to a Circle:

Once you create or join a circle, tap it in the Circles list and then Invite Members

Browse Circles:

Tap the Community tab and then tap the circle picker and select the circle you want to explore.

Can people see what I wrote:

Gratitudes shared within a Circle will be anonymous, similar to the Global Explore feed.

I'd like to know more/have a question:

Please contact us